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Episode 1 – The New Fight

“Oh boy, we’re finally home!” Naruto said looking at the mountain. “Come on! Kakashi sensei, you’re treating us to ramen right?”
“Hey Naruto! Slow down,” Sakura said walking after him.
“It can’t be helped, Sakura-san,” Sai said smiling. “Ever since Naruto-kun became Jounin he’s more energetic than ever.”
“Naruto’s always that energetic,”Sakura complained.
“We’d better catch up to him, or he’ll eat the whole ramen shop,” Kakashi said.
The three went to the ramen shop where they found Naruto already at his second bowl. Sakura sat down on his left smiling while Sai and Kakashi sat on his right. After they had all eaten their
full, Kakashi went on ahead to debrief Tsunade. Sai also left, saying he had things to do and would meet them there while Sakura and Naruto walked to Tsunade’s office to see what their next mission would be.
On the way they met up with team Gai. Lee and his master were as high spirited as usual, while Tenten looked at Lee with the corner of her eye. Neji was the only one who kept a straight face
and barely said hi to them.
“Hey fuzzy-eyebrows! Long time no see!” Naruto stated smiling.
Lee nodded in reply and said: “Naruto-kun, I heard you’ve become a Jounin like me and Neji.”
Naruto only smiled at a response while Neji fixed him with his eyes and slightly frowned.
“Yes, some of the Chuunin from your generation have reached the rank of Jounin,” Gai said with his usual smile.
“Oh? Who else?” Sakura asked.
“Well if I remember it right…” Gai said putting his right hand to his chin. “I think it was Inuzuka Kiba and Aburame Shino from team Kurenai and Nara Shikamaru from team Asuma.”
“Wow! I gotta go find them!” Naruto said and ran off.
“Naruto! Wait for me!” Sakura shouted and ran after him.
The two ran passed an alley from where Hinata was watching and as Naruto ran by her she smiled then retreated.
While Naruto was searching for his friends, back at Tsunade’s office, Kakashi was relating the mission details. Tsunade was looking over a few papers with Shizune helping her, while Jiraiya
was leaning against the wall next to her.
“Naruto’s growing stronger and stronger,” Shizune stated.
“Heh! That kid will be fearsome when he grows up,” Jiraiya said with a proud smile.
“Well I don’t have a mission for you for now…” Tsunade said looking at a piece of paper with a concerned look on her face.
“Team Kakashi will be ready whenever you need them,” Kakashi said and disappeared.
Once he was gone everyone looked worried. Tsunade gave Shizune one look and she left the two Sannin alone. Tsunade put the piece of paper down, knit her fingers together and closed her
eyes as she leaned her head against her hands. Jiraiya frowned as he looked at
her with an angry look.
“Why didn’t you tell him about it?” he asked.
“Tell them what? That we have an anonymous tip of Sasuke's whereabouts?” Tsunade replied.
“They deserve to know about it and…”
“They’ll know after I’ve make sure is not a trap!” Tsunade interrupted.
“Keh! You’re worse than the old man,” Jiraiya said and left by the window.

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